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HIGH QUALITY, SPACIOUS BAGS: thick, clear and BPA-Free to ensure your food stays fresh and your possessions safe and secure. Plus, they’re transparent so you can check what’s inside and feature an easy open close mechanism for hassle-free sealing and protection. PERFECT FOR BRINING & MARINADING VARIOUS FOODS: Fill it up with your favorite brining sauce & throw in up to 25 lb. roast. Double bag to prevent any spills & enjoy a hassle free, mess free, no cleanup party or dinner. Extend your meals freshness by keeping your fruits, vegetables, bread, pet food, flour,meats, leftovers to lock in freshness & prevent freezer burns or lengthen your food's shelf life. TRAVEL, SHIPPING, MOVING, STORAGE,: Use our transparent, disposable plastic bags to pack up when moving, going to college or dorm, to organize a trip or your business travels by packing all your cosmetics, clothing, toiletries, tools, supplies and belongings and protect them from potential spills that may occur & to keep your luggage organized & neat. Plus, you will always know what’s inside which is perfect for personal convenience and airport security alike! PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: Store everything in sight including but not limited to clothing, books, office supplies, blankets, toys, bulky toys, seasonal stuff, holiday decor & gifts, stuffed animals and a lot more! You can simply zip and store away everything to stay organized and clutter-free at home or at the office! Protect your baby's layette, outgrown clothing, seasonal items, holiday tablecloths, decor, costumes from dust while keeping your closets, attic or basement organized. LOVE THEM OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Give our XL storage bags a try and if you are not 100% thrilled with them for ANY reason, simply get in touch with us and we’ll make it right. A Happy & Satisfied customer is what we strive for. Let us & your friends know how you made use of our Jumbo SLIDER bags
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Moving? Relocating? Going off to college? Organizing your house? Our pack of 15 Jumbo 5 Gallon SLIDER Bags will do the job. Here’s The #1 Organization Hack That Will Make Your Life So Much easier! Presenting The Ultimate Jumbo SLIDER Storage Bags. Why choose these storage bags?

HOME:Perfect for storing photos, artwork, games, food, clothing, toys, papers, ribbons, jewelry, socks, arts & crafts, party supplies, school supplies & what not. Sort your underwear, socks, clothing, hats, jewelry & makeup in clear separate zipper bags. A must have for the professional personal home organizer - keep your closets, drawers, pantry, laundry, gym, attic, garage neatly organized by separating, storing, and protecting your barely used goods in our neat clear zipper bags.

OFFICE USE: File & protect your important documents, catalogs, magazines, books, newspapers, or grab a bag along with you for lunch. Keep a bag in the car too - You will be glad you did!

KITCHEN: Must have to bag your food, produce, snacks & bread from becoming stale. Perfect to Refrigerate & freeze your leftovers.

MEAT: Fill the bag with your favorite brine & use it for brining meats, ham, turkey or for marinading roasts. Enough bags to double bag for 100% no spills & mess.

TRAVEL: Protect your belongings while on the go! Pack up your belongings when traveling, vacationing, camping, hunting, going to college, dorm, campus, trips, family trips, sleepovers, hotel, beach or pool. Organize & sort your suitcase, separate wet clothing or put in your dry clothing to keep it dry when outdoors, at the pool or on the water. Going with your family or pet? Separate food, liquids in individual bags to prevent spills & leakage.

MISCELLANEOUS: Clean your lawn,collect leaves, recycle old books & bottles, dispose your pet waste, store your holiday tableware & costumes, store away grilling, fishing or hunting supplies; beads, arts & crafts, photos, albums, bread bag too.

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